Convert existing site to user-updatable CMS

Paramount Construction Desktop Screenshot
Company Name: 
Paramount Construction
Project Details: 

Paramount Construction came to us with a static non-responsive site that was difficult to update, and was built by a non-responsive designer.

They wanted to maintain the branding and overall design of their current site, but be able to update it, and add new features over time.

We recreated a custom, responsive, theme using Omega 4.x based on the original design.

The client really wanted a portfolio site that would show off their previous work to potential new clients, so we added a slideshow of recent projects to the home page and added the ability for the client to create galleries for each project they completed.

Site Features:

  • Drupal 7
  • Panels Everywhere
  • Picture and Breakpoints modules for responsive images
  • Flexslider for responsive slideshow
  • Views
  • A custom theme was developed with Omega 4.x
  • Custom JS mobile menu